Virtual Hiring Strategies: How to Onboard Talent Successfully

Virtual hiring methods have been used by organizations for a while. However, because the COVID-19 pandemic altered how most companies run, many more are now actively recruiting, hiring, and onboarding employees without ever having to meet potential employees in person.

The good news is that switching to virtual hiring tactics isn’t as difficult as you might imagine, owing to technology. Sticking to your fundamentals is the key. To implement your recruitment philosophy in the virtual world, you must determine its basis.

While most hiring managers find a number of perks enticing, the subject of how to implement a remote hiring strategy and what preparation is necessary for it to be properly completed arises. To help you build a top-performing virtual hiring strategy, we’ve provided the following tips:

Identify and obtain the necessary technology for conducting virtual hiring

Recruiters need to use technological tools to carry out virtual hiring properly. They will use emailing and video-interview tools generally. To make it more efficient, they must employ other tech-friendly tools to ease the process and maintain a good candidate experience. Here’s a list of some valuable tools for digital recruitment.

  • Management tool for virtual recruiting events (job fairs).
  • CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) software
  • Chatbot for Recruitment
  • Assessment tools for skills
  • System for tracking applicants (ATS)
  • Resume parsing software that is automated
  • Tools for one-way video interviews or tools for real-time video interviews
  • Systems for document verification and virtual onboarding
  • Digital signature software
  • The feedback system for applicant reports and analysis

Strategic virtual events are essential for job advertising

Conduct instructive and educational virtual events using virtual phone systems to provide your audience with value (Job seekers). You can demonstrate both by showcasing a current employee and discussing the company’s core values and stellar workplace culture.

In these virtual events, the hiring team can also go over the history of the business and how it developed over time. Show prospective individuals how to apply for the position and tell them how the recruitment process works. Do Q&A at the conclusion of the online meeting.

Voice-call interviews and online assessment

Recruiters can evaluate applicants’ technical skills by administering assessment exams to registered applicants. Recruiters can identify the applicants’ strengths and flaws. There are a lot of internet tools on the market right now. For instance, High match assesses applicants’ personality, cognitive ability, and situational behavior, whereas Adaface is an AI-based testing tool for software roles.

Additionally, as communication is crucial for personal development, recruiters can assess candidates’ communication abilities by conducting voice interviews.

Video interviewing with face-to-face interaction

This phase can be divided into two parts. A technical interview round would be the first to assess the essential qualifications for the position. The second will be an HR interview to assess the candidate’s interpersonal skills and moral character. Candidates record their responses during a one-way video interview with recruiters. Later, hiring managers can assess those responses.

Online tools can help recruiting teams and recruiters move faster through the process, automate planned interviews, give them more time to find the best candidate, and concentrate on more important responsibilities.

Virtual Hiring

Onboarding and feedback response

Every applicant should receive feedback on their application status, whether chosen or rejected, according to recruiters. It improves the candidate experience and is crucial for the company’s reputation.

After that, the recruiters can begin the virtual onboarding process by gathering the necessary paperwork, checking it, welcoming the new hires, and informing them of the upcoming training.

Job fairs are a great way to meet potential candidates

Job searchers can easily get in touch with booth representatives and receive responses in real-time thanks to the chat tools that virtual career fairs provide each booth access to. In the meanwhile, recruiters can use this technology for on-the-spot prospect screening through brief interviews. On a single platform, it gives companies access to a vast candidate pool and enables job seekers to research open positions and prospects.

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Why is virtual hiring so popular now?

The benefits of virtual hiring that make it quick, simple, efficient, and accurate have made it well-known. Let’s take a look at a real-world illustration of why recruiters love virtual hiring. Even after the pandemic, 96% of recruiters agreed to employ virtual recruiting, according to a poll conducted by Brazen, a company that offers talent acquisition and HR solutions.


Virtual hiring will undoubtedly significantly alter the current hiring procedure. Virtual hiring is, therefore, advantageous for companies. They must modernize the traditional hiring procedure to virtual hiring employing AI-based technology and solutions like hiring Chatbots. This strategy will help the organization find the ideal candidate for growth in this period of fierce competition.

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