Abhijeet Keer

    I attended the EU Tech Virtual Job fair and it was a great experience. Being a virtual platform it allowed people to connect from all over the world, which was the best thing for me. It was a well organized and best effective example of our current “new normal” life. Interaction with direct recruiters was much easier and effective as compared to one on one discussion in person. It helped to create good impressions as well. I hope to attend such Job fairs in future as well. I take this opportunity to thank all the members of the organizing team and the participating people whom I enjoyed connecting with.

    Vesna Harbig

    It was a pleasure to participate. The interface was very straightforward and easy to use. We also enjoyed the many ways to interact with the participants and the easy way to log in and out of the sessions.

    Miguel Russo and Laudicir Zamai

    We found the event very interesting. We made many contacts and are now talking to some of them. It was all very valuable to us.

    Susana Correia

    We had a great time sponsoring the 2021’s virtual edition of the Tech Jobs Fair in Portugal. Neotalent had the opportunity to attend as a tech talent recruiting company. We had the chance to interact with multinational professionals in many ways, mainly focusing on the interaction inside our booth.
    No doubt… an intuitive, relevant, and conversational experience! We can’t wait for the next event to start!”

    Eva Amaral

    I’ve attended a couple of fairs as a speaker and I was impressed by the number of people and companies attending the fairs. The ease with which you navigate the platform makes the experience very smooth and I enjoyed the possibility of interacting with other participants in different booths. This provided a feeling close to being physically present while connecting with others.

    Another positive point was the interesting panel of speakers who talked about diverse and current topics, conducted by professional and friendly TJF hosts.

    TJF is definitely the right place to expand your network and to look for candidates and collaborations if you’re a company, and to explore new career opportunities if you’re a job seeker.

    All in all, a great event. An experience to repeat.

    Jacob Shekrel

    As a mental Strategist and clinical hypnotherapist who helps people to improve their inner abilities and combines them with their skills, I found that TJF is the best existing global platform that not only helps job seekers to connect with the leading innovative companies but also to create awareness of technological opportunities in different fields.

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