Top 10 Technical Interview Questions to Ask During Job Fair

If you or your company is looking to fill a tech position, you’re probably hoping to find a long-term employee who will contribute to the business’s ongoing success. This is why a dynamic interview is a key element of the hiring process.

Tech is a lucrative but challenging field. You need the greatest personnel to keep your everyday operations operating efficiently and your bottom line growing. How then can you be certain that the person is a good fit for you and your business?

Here are the top 10 technical interview questions to ask in a physical/hybrid/virtual job fair to a potential candidate are listed below.

What Motivates You to Want This Job?

This should be the simplest question, yet frequently we overlook what is directly in front of us in favor of paying attention to minute details.

Examine the applicant’s capacity to pause, take a step back, and view the broad picture. Their genuineness may astound you, but their incapacity to precisely respond to the question may also raise a warning sign.

  1. Which Technological Innovation is Your Favorite, and Why?
  2. Give them a chance to boast about their understanding of operating systems, hardware, and software. Do they like it better as users or as programmers? Are they more concerned with the internals, the user interface, or the design?

    The responses to these technical interview questions will reveal a lot about the applicant’s priorities and problem-solving skills.

  3. What is The Best Way to Explain Our Product to a Non-technical Person?

    For nearly any function within a typical organization in this area, being able to translate technical language is a crucial talent. This includes positions in IT, HR, sales, and customer service.

    Consider each of your staff to be a brand ambassador on and off the job. Their capacity to explain in simple terms what the company’s product performs and why it matters is a crucial technical competency. To truly assess their proficiency with both “languages,” hold a practice conversation in which you ask follow-up questions in layman’s terms.

  4. Do You Function Better Alone or in a Team?

    You’ll need to modify this query for each position. You’ll want to hear a different response if you’re seeking for a software engineer to be a member of a sizable team than if you’re looking for a research scientist who will be working alone.

    However, a new study demonstrates that concentrating on teams is significantly more productive than concentrating on individuals. Do what you will with that information.

  5. Describe your Quality Assurance Procedures

    Each business will have various standards for quality control and different procedures for meeting those standards. Inquire of your applicant which of these procedures they have used successfully in the past, which ones they have not, and what they intend to bring to the table.

    You’ll be able to tell how they’ll fulfill deadlines, interact with leaders, and how well their talents compared to the competition.

  6. What Made You Quit Your Previous Job?

    A necessary but one of the most dreaded tech Interview Questions to ask at a job fair. You must be aware of whether they were fired due to disobedience or intoxication at work (and are prepared to tell you about it).

    On this issue, candidates frequently astound with their sincerity. Here, a candid, brave response can make or destroy an interview.

  7. How Do You Prefer to Get Criticism?

    Similar to the preceding question, finding out a candidate’s preferences for receiving feedback on projects can tell you more about them as a team player than asking them directly about teamwork.

    Most new recruits will experience a lot of constructive criticism on their first projects because it is a necessary aspect of the work. Make sure the person you recruit is capable of handling it, and once they are on board, check to see that they aren’t being barraged with unsuitable criticism before you judge their failure to handle it.

  8. If we asked you to Work from home, How would you manage your work/life balance?

    Make sure you have someone on your team who won’t underperform or crumble under the peculiar pressure of distant initiatives.

    Even while working, no one can be expected to be extremely productive at all times. However, you can use remote work to your benefit. Without having to get up three hours earlier to commute, many people actually do better at work.

  9. What is the biggest problem faced by the technology sector?

    This Questions to ask at a job fair, a smart follow-up to the softball of asking where they obtain their industry news, probes if they actually put all that reading and contemplation to good use.

    Do they actively engage in problem-solving when thinking about the existential questions that technology raises, or are they merely passive information sponges? You need someone who approaches issues as projects.

  10. What Do You Want to Know About Us?

    I have a question for you as well. When candidates have prepared proactive questions to turn the interview process around, it’s a positive indicator. It demonstrates that they are actively seeking a job, are enthusiastic and career-focused, and are not simply looking for their next paycheck.

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