Piotr Tomaszewski

    Piotr Tomaszewski is a Leadership & Career Coach based in Berlin. He began his career as a Product Designer, collaborating with startups and tech firms for the past 7 years, acquiring expertise in team leadership, hiring, and fostering professional growth. This journey led him to explore Mentoring and Coaching to assist designers in their career development at all levels. He specializes in working with Creative Leaders, helping them find joy in leadership and fulfillment in their careers with an approach that mixes self-discovery and self-leadership.

    Diana Lund Nordstrøm

    Diana Lund Nordstrøm is a Talent & Mindset Coach dedicated to helping internationals elevate their job search process in Denmark. Through Career Network Denmark Elevate, Diana provides a unique opportunity for internationals to join a supportive community that focuses on networking, refining job application materials, enhancing networking skills, and mastering interview techniques, through group coaching and workshops.

    Diana has 8+ years of experience working in supporting job seekers in Denmark, the last 2,5 years focussing on International professionals looking for their next opportunity in Denmark.

    Moritz Reid

    Moritz Reid is a seasoned HR expert with over 20 years of consulting experience, including 15 years specializing in human resources, and a decade dedicated to recruitment. His expertise encompasses intercultural communication, where he has spent 15 years in training, focusing on presentation and facilitation techniques, as well as creativity training. At esentri, Moritz leads initiatives in recruiting, active sourcing, employer branding, and onboarding new employees, driving the company’s mission to inspire candidates and engage them as valued colleagues in a self-organized company focused on sustainable digitalization.

    Moritz Reid ist ein erfahrener HR-Experte mit mehr als 20 Jahren Beratungserfahrung, davon 15 Jahre im Bereich Personalwesen und ein Jahrzehnt im Bereich Personalbeschaffung. Sein Fachwissen umfasst die interkulturelle Kommunikation, wo er 15 Jahre in der Ausbildung verbracht hat, mit Schwerpunkt auf Präsentations- und Moderationstechniken sowie Kreativitätstraining. Bei esentri leitet Moritz Initiativen in den Bereichen Recruiting, Active Sourcing, Employer Branding und Onboarding neuer Mitarbeiter. Dabei treibt er die Mission des Unternehmens voran, Kandidaten zu inspirieren und sie als geschätzte Kollegen in ein selbstorganisiertes Unternehmen zu integrieren, das sich auf nachhaltige Digitalisierung konzentriert.

    Rudolf Teibtner

    I am a Cyber Security Engineer working for Scharko Business Consulting. I also have a backgroud as a fullstack developer (MERN-Stack).

    I will be speaking about Scharko Business Consulting, my company, that focuses on Cybersecurity and Financial Services.

    Rainer Masopust

    Rainer Masopust is CTO at Eviden Austria. During the past 30 years, Rainer has held roles as a software developer and system architect and has worked as a project and business manager with global customers, such as John Deere, Coca Cola, Bayer, Siemens Healthineers. A significant part of his professional career was developing a 200-strong team of people involved in digital business models for new digital services.

    A rolled-out platform implementation led to the establishment of a joint venture between Eviden and a start-up company, providing “software as a service” for use cases in critical industries with a focus on the transport sector. In his new function as general manager, Rainer supports business development from a software point of view for all use cases, ranging from extending embedded sensors via connectivity to the scalable cloud platform using advanced technologies such as AI and blockchain.

    Ursula Burgstaller-Skalla

    Human resources is relationship work and our people make the difference now and in future. Collegiality, team spirit, dialogue and an open feedback culture foster our success, and above all we are humans – we create a culture and woring environment that enables everyone to develop theier potentioal and innovative strength.
    My work is based on serveral years of international human resources experience in different industries (insurance, consulting, IT and art collection) with a passion for equality, diversity and new HR projects to bring in the future…

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