Jan Wijn

    CEO and co-founder │ On a mission to make eCommerce sustainable

    Aayush Singh

    For me if things are easy they are not challenging, and without challenge there’s no satisfaction with the results so I’m always looking for challenges and eager to come up with some new way and innovative ideas to understand and overcome the hurdles with some hard work and smart ideas.

    Damla Görür

    Enthusiast about venture development as well as strategy & solutions consulting. Keen on building businesses with a change maker, innovative and sustainability driven mindset. Good at coming up with creative and unique concepts to drive business to be the pioneer. Also, passionate about computer vision and its capabilities to make our world better.

    Bharti Ramchandani

    Hi, I am a travel enthusiast girl, I am travelling around Europe and India. I live in Porto, Portugal. Through my YouTube channel, I would like to be connecting bridge between Europe and India in order to make Indian travellers synchronized much more intimately and authentically with Europe and Europeans.

    In this channel, I would like to broaden the perspective of Indian travellers to have an affordable and memorable trip to Europe. I also try to make simpler the Visa and documentation process for whom are looking to settle in Europe. I also enjoy talking about the Portuguese language, culture and history which makes life more easy and more interesting.

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    Nelson T. Ajulo

    Nelson T. Ajulo is the CEO and founder of Zarttech, a tech talent startup redistributing global opportunities. He is a seasoned executive with over twelve years of experience in technology, extensive leadership, operations, and management. Having served as Chairman, CEO, and President of several significant multinationals, His expertise spans various aspects of leveraging technology to address social inequalities and business leadership sustainably. He has garnered diverse experience by working in continents worldwide, such as Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.

    Nelson is currently participating in a CyberSecurity Program at Harvard University and graduated with a Master of Business Administration (MBA), focusing on leadership and entrepreneurship (Cambridge, United Kingdom), and PhD in International Economics with a strong focus on Human Capital Development. He has been exposed to world-class training programs with several certifications focused on entrepreneurship, market digitalisation and Innovations, and agile business growth. One of his specialities and strengths is in strategic rapid business scaling.

    He believes in people’s equal worth and has been a significant advocate through his businesses and participation in different organisations for a more inclusive world. So we can leverage everyone’s strength in building a better world for all. Nelson’s philosophy is to go beyond transforming disadvantaged communities in Africa to a more global transformation. He is a passionate advocate for empowering people and enabling them to make informed decisions and implement change in their own lives and other people’s lives. He believes that there is no weak mind.

    Catherine Leduc

    Catherine is a certified NLP & RSCI coach, speaker, and author of multiple online courses on Job Searching and Career Management and brings 17+ years of experience in senior consulting roles in strategic planning & marketing within the Lifescience Industry. She’s been the go-to person for job searching and career advice in her expat circles for over a decade before launching as a career coach.

    Her approach is focused on a strong strategic marketing and consulting background, extensive experience building and managing multi-disciplinary & multi-cultural teams across the world, and special attention to mindset issues that often stand in the way of reaching our goals.

    She’s a visionary, a connecting networker, and loves to empower people by getting them in the driver’s seat of their career. She loves adding a strategic spin to everything she does, breaking down complex career crossroads into practical and actionable steps to help you get clarity and take action.

    And most importantly – she is passionate about what she does!

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