Richard J Self

    Richard Self worked in the aerospace sector for thirty years, supporting the business with innovative systems solutions and matching technologies to business needs.

    He then made the transition into academia in 2002 at the University of Derby, where he now has small teams of Undergraduate and Masters students researching to identify the best frameworks of questions for evaluating emerging and advanced technologies for gaining business value. He is currently working on the success and failure factors for AI and machine learning implementations.

    He is passionate about helping his students develop their communication skills.

    Richard is a regularly invited keynote speaker at UK and international business conferences, where he always provides the audience with the important questions for evaluating their business needs and technologies.

    Andy Wilkins

    Andy is a futurist, speaker, podcaster, and founder of FUTURE OF HEALTH – a new think tank and systems convener exploring the long-term vision for health and healthcare systems in a technology-enabled 21st century.

    He has undertaken numerous innovation and digital transformation projects across public, private, and 3rd sectors and has authored several high-profile reports for the NHS and policymakers on the future of healthcare.

    Andy is the Programme Director for Imperial College’s Executive Education course on Leading Systemic Innovation in Healthcare and a visiting lecturer to UCL. He is a champion for a new future based on holistic health that includes wrapping holistic, person-centered health and care around the holistic needs of individuals and communities and the transformation from silos to health ecosystems that will make this possible.

    Birgit Vallmüür

    Birgit Vallmüür is the creator of an impactful corporate legacy approach to sustainable and responsible leadership, and a speaker on sustainability leadership, corporate purpose, and corporate legacy.

    Dr. Vallmüür is the Founder of the Sustainability Leadership Consulting Firm, TitanSwan, and presently focuses her efforts on businesses, particularly multinationals, to help lead change. She has utilized her expertise with listed and multinational companies, has taught management and executive education courses, developed and lead medium-term strategic budgeting and management of a sovereign nation, and advised governments globally. As a former senior civil servant, Dr. Vallmüür drafted a national foresight system for one of the most innovative and agile governments in the world – Estonia – and created a national base analysis for allocating €3.5 billion considering global future trends.

    Her work advising finance ministries globally included the Finance Minister level from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Her experience with governments convinced her that the change the world needs must be more rapidly pursued than the government limitations and timelines allow. This motivates her to bring her 15 years of unique experience combining advisory services for private and public sector organizations, central senior roles in diplomatic settings, and academic expertise in management and governmental sciences to support businesses in creating value beyond wealth.

    Dr. Vallmüür holds a PhD in Government and Politics. She is an expert in corporate legacies, a speaker, moderator, and founder of her boutique consultancy, a company she has maintained throughout her career. She is also a (r)Evolutionary at the 2020 cohort of Buckminster Fuller Institute and habRitual Design Science Studio.

    She frequently contributes thought leadership in corporate and executive legacies on Substack. Dr. Vallmüür has made numerous speaking appearances internationally on corporate impact and promotes sustainability and environmental concerns. She has also held a surprise session on the values taught in business schools to faculty members of eleven leading business schools.

    Keynotes by Birgit bring a fresh perspective as she has created a field of her own. Her views are thought provoking, at times contrarian, always inspirational, and consistently empower people to take action.

    Darius Moeini

    Darius Moeini is an entrepreneur, venture builder & program creator at the heart of the Berlin tech scene. As the founder of BIA, Darius creates transformative programs that challenge businesses to change, grow, and thrive.

    He has a personal passion for creating groundbreaking programs in Innovation, Startups, Leadership, and the Future of Work. Darius launched his first startup in 2009. Since then he’s founded multiple ventures, startup accelerators, and corporate transformation programs. Since launching BIA in 2019,

    Darius has made change happen at businesses of all shapes and sizes: from Daimler and Estee Lauder Companies to Deezer and HelloFresh, to more than 70 brand-new Berlin startups. Darius is also the initiator of the ClimateX Hub and Accelerator.

    Simon Courjault

    Hi! I’m Simon! So far my career has been all about connecting people – First as a recruiter and in the consulting industry, and now in EdTech.

    I am the Careers Lead of Le Wagon Germany, one of the leading coding bootcamps in the world. My focus is to connect job seekers after their training with hiring companies with open positions. If you’re in either of those positions, then let’s chat during the fair!

    Lena Thompson

    Lena has over 15 years of experience in the corporate arena consulting, training and designing systems for global clients.

    In 2019 she left her career to figure out her purpose and find direction in life.

    Now, Lena is an award-winning entrepreneur and an international speaker on a mission to bridge the gap between the corporate and spiritual worlds. She believes that the real key to success and fulfilled life is self-knowledge.

    She was a keynote speaker at:

    📍 Women In Tech

    📍 DevOps Eindhoven & London

    📍 DisruptHR – Belgrade, Channel Islands, Wales & UK

    📍 Hotel Summit – UK

    📍 HRTech – Copenhagen

    📍 Employer Of The Future – Berlin

    📍 Future of Work – Singapore

    📍 HR Champions – South Africa

    In 2022 Lena received a publishing award from Brainz Magazine and co-authored a book ‘You can have it all”.

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