Salary Expectations? Best Way to deal with this question

Answering salary expectations is complicated. HR usually comes up with the salary expectations question towards the end of the interview, which leaves people confused. Many people who don’t give interviews much often, don’t know the answer to the question “How much salary do you expect?” and that’s the sign of being underprepared for an interview.

A good negotiation goes a long way while answering salary expectations. Also, you can get more salary if you successfully answer these questions the right way.

Before answering the question related to salary expectations, you need to formulate a salary amount, below which the salary amount will be non-negotiable for you.

Salary Expectations

Preparing for an interview means preparing for the question “How much salary amount do you require?” and it is your responsibility to not underestimate yourself. A mistake that many candidates make while answering the salary expectations question is that they agree on whatever salary amount is offered to them, instead of asking for more salary.

Keep this thing in mind while answering the salary expectations question that you should not look desperate to jump on whatever the offer as a salary amount.

You should take some time and follow a set of steps while answering your salary expectations.

Salary Expectations

Discover Job Responsibility

To answer your salary expectations, you should know your responsibilities in the company. Ask yourself the question: “how much salary do you need?” and then increase that amount because people tend to undermine them while answering their desired salary amounts or salary expectations.

You can answer the question beginning with “To answer this question, I need to get familiarized with the responsibilities that come with this job. Since I have already been in the industry for several years, I know the ground reality of salary amount, but a person with more responsibilities will get more salary”.

Do not Undervalue Your Skills

If you’re a fresh graduate who doesn’t know how to answer the salary expectations question, you need to reach out to fellow industry workers.

Once you get to know the salary amounts in the industry, then you can answer the question by stating an amount that is more than what is offered in the industry. To get more salary, you have to overvalue your skills because it’s the confidence that counts while answering salary expectations questions. Furthermore, you need to be very confident when asked how much salary you require.

The question is a way to determine if you feel confident enough in your skillset or not.

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Salary Expectations

Contain Your Excitement

Don’t get excited and agree on whatever salary amount is offered to you. If you get more salary than your expectations then you need to be calm and composed, not jump right to the opportunity to show that you can be offered more.

You can answer this question by saying “I don’t know much about the environment of the company, so I think it’s too early to discuss salary expectations at this point. Maybe we can schedule one more interview to let me get a better idea of the company culture before discussing expectations”.

By doing so, you will look interested in their salary amount offer, but they know that you have better salary expectations than what is offered.

Buy More Time

The first rule of answering salary expectations questions is to not make the first offer. There can be a chance that you get more salary than the salary amount you just mentioned, and there goes your chance to play it smart.

Similarly, get more time before quoting a salary amount, and you can do so by asking more questions about the company. You can get more salary but not tell them how much salary you are currently earning so that they get curious and offer you an amount that is significantly higher than the market value.


Salary expectations should be answered logically, after thinking it thoroughly and critically. You need to research the market and the nature of job responsibility before answering the question “How much salary do you need?”

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