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Helping individuals and corporations on their way to fair and equal pay focusing on pay transparency strategies, compensation, salary negotiations, feMale leadership & career, Change and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion).

Our mission for professionals:Helping you understand your worth and get the salary and career you deserve

You will learn how to prepare for your next salary or career negotiation and earn your real worth.

SalaryNegotiations. partners with organizations and corporations who want to enable their members and employees to negotiate and advance their career and be able to discuss it at eye level with their (future) managers or clients.

Our mission for businesses: 

Fair & Equal PAY…pays off! … because your company and your employees are worth it to you

  • Accompanying companies on their way to fair & equal pay
  • Facilitating the dialogue with management, executives, and employees
  • by using the APP-based Fair & Equal PAY Assessment to create attractive fair and transparent compensation

in line with the corporate purpose and culture

Ashok Dudhat

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