Óbuda University

University Partner

Óbuda University (ÓU), is the second largest but highest ranked Technical University in Hungary. It aims to achieve the triplet of excellence in education, research, and innovation to address societal challenges and contribute to sustainable development on national, regional and EU level. ÓU has seven faculties and three doctoral schools, one excellence centre, and eight research labs. ÓU is participating in multiple international organizations and bilateral and international programmes (currently over 20 EU financed scientific projects).
It has international relations with 90 countries, and participates 300 higher education programs and partnerships and has over 250 education and mobility agreements. ÓU offers innovative BA/BSc, MA/MSC, and PhD curricula, dual degrees, challenge-based approaches and an up-to-date, student-friendly, creative and supporting environment for students in order to enable them respond to the challenges set out by our globalized world, laying emphasis on both basic and applied research, internationalization, sustainable development, improvements in technology, RDI, lifelong learning, and interaction and cooperation with the industry.
In the last 10 years, ÓU’s research is expanding into fields that are in the major problem areas of today’s societies: health and sustainability. ÓU’s mission and vision are underpinned by fundamental values such as nurturing entrepreneurship, openness, tolerance, dialogue and diversity to fulfil its responsibility as a higher education institution contributing to positive societal change.

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