How Virtual TJF Works – Step by Step Guideline

In the wake of the coronavirus, several businesses have downsized and laid off their employees. However, new companies have emerged with updated job openings that are currently actively hiring. How? By utilizing the online space!

A virtual job fair allows job prospects to be pursued in this new digital reality of 2020.

Virtual TJF provides an incredible opportunity for job seekers and employers to connect. A Virtual TJF allows organizations to scout for talent without worrying about their physical location as social distancing measures have transported the office environment online.

Virtual TJF allows participants to engage and network with each other efficiently on an online space by overcoming the need to meet in person or at a physical location.

Here is a step by step guide that explains how Virtual TJF Works!

How to start?

if you are lookig for jobs and interested in learning more about upcoming Virtual Events, Get a free Participant Ticket from here!

if you are a company and want to exhibit and promote your brand then you can contact us for further process to participate as a company.

Once you will get a ticket from the TJF site, then you will receive an email before one week of the event. An email will have a link to the registration page, from where you just click on “Join” and you’re in the Virtual TJF Platform. You land on the reception after joining the event.

Exhibitor’s team member will invite exclusive privately and they do not need to register to Virtual Platform.

Virtual TJF Platform is a suitable venue for our event because it is user-friendly, has a simple interface, and offers a variety of features to ensure attendees are well-connected.


TJF offers companies and attendees access to a conference stage where the following activities can take place:

Stage at Virtual TJF 2020

  • Streaming of presentations and slideshows.
  • Keynote speakers, panel discussions, and addresses.
  • Chatting and networking between company departments and employees.
  • Review of people who are attending the panel discussion with you.

The virtual venue provides an interactive online space for multiple employers to interact with multiple candidates at the same time. Swift filtering of candidate information offers a smooth virtual TJF experience for thousands!


To connect with others at a virtual TJF , you have two options available to you, 1-on-1 networking, and group networking/Cocktail Tables. Attendees will receive suggestions and they can click ‘connect’ or ‘Next’.

Networking at Virtual TJF 2020

1 on 1 Networking:

Our 1-On-1 Networking will be conducted on the base of ticket-specific rules. Generally, all exhibitors are expected to meet all attendees. However, in an event where an exhibitor wants to meet specific attendees (like IT Developers, Marketing experts, or Sales experts) only, then the general rules will be redefined and adjusted accordingly. Exhibitors can enjoy the benefit of directly matching with potential participants for recruiting as well. All the attendees will meet other attendees randomly.

Browse different attendees, while you have 10 seconds to decide if you would like to connect with them or view the next option.

Networking at Virtual TJF 2020

Once both of you connect, you’ll be ready to see the person you’re getting ready to meet during a blurred video state with a call to action ‘ Start the call’.

Networking at Virtual TJF 2020

Once you both connect, you will get a notification! You can now have your 1-on-1 meeting for a period of time determined by us. You can all add the attendee you’re networking with to your connections and obtain in-tuned with them within the future.

Networking at Virtual TJF 2020

The other way people naturally meet in job fairs is in small groups. These meetings can happen spontaneously or professionally.

It’s an attribute for us people to require to browse around and see from afar which groups of individuals seem interesting, spot someone we would like to satisfy or a lover in a group. These instances create an urge for us to want to join these group meetings.

Group Networking/Cocktail Tables:

  • View who is on the tables before joining them.
  • As an attendee, you can create your own cocktail table or join one if there is an empty spot and the table is unlocked.
  • Tables max out at 4 in order to keep meetings intimate and meaningful.
  • Having an important private conversation? Then you can lock the table at any time.

Networking at Virtual TJF 2020

Virtual Expo / Exhibitors

The virtual expo area lets you showcase your materials and promote them via video content streaming during virtual TJF. These may be in the form of a slideshow or a pre-recorded video.

The purpose of a virtual expo in a Virtual TJF is to help participants find out more about your organization and what it does. The virtual expo offers the following available features:

Virtual Expo at Virtual TJF 2020

Exhibitor Booth:

Premium expo booth help to create their own content schedule and frequently Livestream during the event. You can add pre-recorded video, job offers as pdf.

  • Expo Booth you will get the opportunity to promote your materials for instance pre-recorded videos or a live video stream session in the virtual expo area.
  • All attendees can learn more about you and your company. 
  • In the expo area, you will have the possibility to broadcast from the booth or ask questions directly.
  • Prior to the conference, we will prepare your materials in the Expo area for capturing attendee interest.

Virtual Expo at Virtual TJF 2020

During live event, Prepare booths with a creative call to action button in the expo booth in order to generate more leads from the event.

Virtual Expo at Virtual TJF 2020


TJF Virtual platform makes it easy for participants to find their way around event areas during a virtual TJF. It will be unlikely for them to get lost during a jobs fair, especially with access to the schedule.

Schedule at Virtual TJF 2020

The left side of the reception area lets you access the schedule which opens an event agenda for the virtual TJF. It shows which area a particular session is taking place, at what time, and for how long.

Don’t want to stick around for the entire session of the virtual TJF? You are free to tune in to join your favorite keynote speaker or Q/A session.


A Virtual Tech Fair is about creating a safe online space where companies and job applicants can interact with each other to gain useful insights and secure job seats.

Quick Overview How Virtual TJF looks

Networking at Virtual TJF 2020

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