How To Hire The Best Developers?

Tech recruitment is one of the trickiest niches of the entire recruiting industry. If you strike well, you could strike gold but if you fail, you could potentially waste your organization’s resources, time, and money. Hiring the best developers is a must for any substantial organization operating in 2021.

If you want to start hiring top developers, you must follow the necessary measures. Professionalism is highly appreciated as the best developers will only work for companies that are worthy of their skills, time, and resources.

Things you must do to start hiring the best developers

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1. Create clear-cut requirements

The problem with often recruiters and job ads is that the requirements are not clear enough. We often see that an XYZ manager is required at ABC firm but they do not tell if they want an experienced person or an inexperienced one.

Another aspect that is often unclear is the offered salary. If the organization can make it clear how much they are offering, it is often easier in process of hiring the best developers. If anything is not up to mark, a tough process will become tougher.

2. A smooth hiring-process

If the hiring process is smooth and transparent, you will find tech recruitment very easy. Developers are simple people who solve complex problems on their computers. They do not appreciate complexity within the hiring as they would rather prove their mettle on the keyboard.

If you want to hire the best developers, you could look towards platforms like Tech Jobs Fair where you can book your seat as a recruiter for your organization and find the best developers easily.

How To Hire The Best Developers?

3. Use practical scenarios instead of code tests

While coding challenges can be essential to how a developer would perform, they are not entirely necessary or useful in the real world. A better idea for hiring the best developers would be to use practical scenarios in interview tests to let the candidates know what they could face when they are hired.

It would also give you a great idea of how the candidate will attempt to solve it and what approach they will take. This idea would narrow down your search for hiring the best developers.

4. Proper feedback

We cannot stress this enough. Without appropriate feedback, it is hard to grow for any individual let alone a coder. When you are hiring the best developers, the least you can do is rate them on their performance on the tests, interviews, and anything else that you throw their way.

The correct feedback includes the following:

  1. How they performed in the respective tests and interviews
  2. What they could improve on
  3. What you feel about them
  4. If you could suggest anything

Most importantly, the feedback must be on time.

5. Effective referral programs

Referral programs are among the most effective ways of hiring the best developers that will perform brilliantly for your organization. Investing in employee referral programs could go a long way into finding you the top candidates that you require.

Referral programs are ways to lure the developers that you or your employees know, and in return, the referrer gets rewarded with monetary compensation or otherwise.

How To Hire The Best Developers?

6. Branding

Branding is our personal favorite. If you brand your organization right and display it as a haven for the best candidates, then you will automatically get the best developers to want to work for you.

Branding includes promoting your organization on social media, sharing words of appreciation from employees and ex-employees, taking feedback seriously, and treating your employees fairly amongst other things.


There you have your complete guide of hiring top developers. Finding the best candidates is no easy task, and the recruitment managers are well aware of how rare talented developers are.

But hopefully, with our guide to hiring top developers, you would have learned a thing or two about how to make it happen. Best of luck in your hiring!

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