Find Work: Give a Break to the Top 5 Stressful myths

The question of how to find work is a nightmare for any beginner or somebody who has been out of the job-hunting game for a while. Almost everyone has thought about this question at least a few times in their lives. While this might be a Pandora’s box or a blessing in disguise to find work, you must give it everything.

When it comes to the question of how to find work, certain misconceptions and misinterpretations are often spread by struggling people. Just because somebody else struggles does not mean you will struggle, too. What’s crucial is to stay away from Job Search Myths and never build the victim mindset that maybe there’s something wrong with you.

This flawed mindset will ruin any chances of potentiality when you find work. Here are five Job Search Myths that you should always stay wary of.

Myth Number 1: All Jobs are Posted on Job Boards

The common notion that all job opportunities are advertised on job boards ignores other outlets’ important role in the employment market. While employment sites are useful, many unadvertised opportunities are filled through networking, referrals, and direct approaches. Major corporations frequently have internal recruiting processes and incentives for employee recommendations, which results in posts being filled before they ever reach the public employment market.

Job seekers should take a comprehensive strategy to their job hunt and avoid Job Search Myths, which include networking, attending industry events, and utilizing professional sites such as LinkedIn. This strategy enables individuals to acquire access to opportunities that are not publicized on public job boards by tapping into the hidden employment market.

Find Work: Give a Break to the Top 5 Stressful myths

Myth Number 2: Applying to Numerous Jobs Increases Chances

We often read the saying on social media, and in real life too, that if you do something you love, it won’t feel like work. That’s simply not true.

Doing something you love will be easier than doing something you don’t love. It will help in your learning ability and the time you spend doing it. But that still does not mean that you will find it easy to find work you love; if you do find it, it will be easy or fulfilling.

At the end of the day, tasks are tasks. Whether you find work you love or not is another question for another day.

Myth Number 3: Your CV and achievements will land you the job

Sometimes, you spend ages sorting out and editing your CV for the job you are applying to, and it does not work out. That’s possible, and it often happens. Sometimes, you send your resume to dozens of places but don’t hear back.

It’s a Job Search myth that your CV will land you the job. Your CV alone cannot help much, but if you find work through connections, that might be massively helpful. A good resume is essential to apply to any job, but that’s not the only thing you need.

Since modern organizations have applicant tracking systems that automatically filter out CVs and resumes, you must edit your CVs according to the job you want to apply for to find work, but that’s not it. Other things are important as well.

One of the best places to find work is the Tech Jobs Fair, a great platform for job seekers and recruiters. It connects candidates with recruiters from major organizations who interview and hire them.

Myth Number 4: You have bad luck

You do not have bad luck. Sometimes, things do not work out professionally, but that does not mean you are a victim of luck. You must never hold yourself down by being negative about yourself. While this may be a mental factor, finding work is still vital.

Myth Number 5: There’s a hiring freeze

Recruitment cycles are tricky, but they are also effective in finding work. It is a myth that there are any hiring slowdowns or freezes. Recruiters are always on the hunt for the best candidates, and that search rarely stops until or unless the organization is heading into the ground.

One firm may stop hiring, but others will not. It never happens that everybody stops hiring, no matter how bad the situation is. Remember that there are always openings.

Remember that you can always find work.


Job Search Myths about finding work are always in the air. People, experienced or inexperienced, always speak negatively of the market situation, especially when it comes to finding work. You should not worry and certainly take these concerns with a pinch of salt, as most of them are not true. Find work believing it exists, and you will eventually land a good job!

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