Sunfox Technologies

Exhibitor Partner

  • Company Size: 58
  • Sunfox Technologies (P) Ltd. 112 Dharampur Road, Dehradun Uttarakhand, India-248001
  • Founded: 2016

Sunfox Technologies is an R&D company working in the field of healthcare for the past five years. Our flagship product “Spandan” is a breakthrough in the new era of “point of care and diagnostic ECGs” equipped with Intelli- ECG technology. For us, it has always been about bringing high-end technologies to the common man’s pocket with ease in order to ensure a timely diagnosis. With an eye on affordability and accessibility, we have developed “Spandan” which works as the best at-home ECG monitoring device without any internet connection or a battery, which makes it accessible to the last mile.

We have recently won an All Shark Deal at Shark Tank India and a special award for COVID-19 Innovation at Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC-2021) from 72 countries and have also represented India twice at the World Economic Forum in China. Appreciated by the PMO twice, Spandan has recorded over 10 lakh heartbeats and is being employed by 1000+ doctors in hospitals, clinics, and medical camps.

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