MXC Foundation

Exhibitor Partner

  • Company Size: 26
  • Brückenstraße 4,10179 Berlin
  • Founded: 2018

The MXC Foundation is the next generation IoT token. Using the sophisticated MXProtocol, MXC is uniquely connecting wireless IoT sensors with permissionless blockchains. Built via a lightning fast, fully functional LPWAN Data Exchange, MXC supports billions of Device Data Transmissions Daily with a key focus on user adaptation and integration. Creating an unparalleled IoT LPWAN network, they’re allowing for more frequent, efficient and long-range data transmissions. MXC is setting the Global IoT Standard for Individuals, Businesses and Smart Cities. Using the unique Smart Bidding platform MXC enables a brand new Shared Economy based on big data, ensuring MXC is a token that focuses on true Blockchain integration, transforming the IoT industry and improving people’s lives.


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