Locatee AG

Exhibitor Partner

Locatee AG develops the first globally scalable Smart Building Platform. The big data software solution augments the physical workspace with real-time data to create smart and occupant-oriented office buildings. The highly scalable and patent pending technology enables the analysis of the actual use of office space throughout a company’s portfolio, in buildings, floors or departments. It does not require any expensive hardware installations (e.g. sensors). Machine learning algorithms analyse and anonymise data from the existing IT infrastructure (Wi-Fi, LAN and other data sources) continuously and in real-time. The solution provides insights into space efficiency, mobility and collaboration behaviour of the entire organisation. Thanks to Locatee global organisation such as EY, Zurich Insurance, Biogen or Swiss Re get valuable insights to identify their savings potential, optimize their workspace and increase the workspace experience of every employee. Our platform is used across 6 continents by some of the largest organisations worldwide.

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