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We are your Autopilot for daily financial management. FamilyBiz provides a clear picture relating to your financial products and monetary concerns on one platform, empowering you with the needed clarity to save both time and money, as well as enabling you to make wiser decisions with your ongoing financial management. Our automated SaaS solution aggregates your financial information and through the utilization of big data technology, comparisons and analysis are conducted to provide for easy to use tracking and management for your financial needs.

FamilyBiz is a FinTech system that gives its users advanced social financial tools. The purpose of this system is to allow the user to gain control over the family and individual economics in the present and in the future; this is done with a simple, convenient, and intuitive user interface. The system automatically gathers all of the user’s financial data, including credit cards, bank accounts, investments, mortgages, and real estate, as well as insurance and pension data. The software allows the users to run a current budget with a personal and comparative report system. Using special bots and algorithms, the system builds a business plan for the users to help them realize financial goals such as buying a house (for residing or investment), going on a trip abroad, holding a big event, etc. all based on the personal data of the client and information on market offers. The company has an insurance agency license and is allowed to operate in any and all insurance and financial fields in the state of Israel.

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