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ejendom.com is a platform-as-a-service, where multiple customer segments can get access to parts or the whole solution to use and control maintenance documents on one or more properties. It is the owners of the property that owns all the data and decides who is allowed to have access. It is easy to add or remove stakeholders on the property. The owners can therefore decide who can look at their data, and they can give engineering consultants and other collaborators permanent or temporary access. Our platform provides:

  • A dashboard that gives an overview over the next years tasks and the maintenance budget for the next ten years. 
  • A dynamic building inspection report that is updated yearly with belonging pictures and videos. 
  • A maintenance plan and budget for the next ten years operation, renovation and improvement tasks. 
  • Documentation from former and future tasks collected in one place. This includes technical drawings, demand specifications, estimates, time management plans, offers, contracts etc. 
  • Flexible user management, where roles and responsibility of tasks can change without the loss of important information. 

Our business model is a licensing package priced after how many properties you wish to publish on our platform. This can be properties you either own yourself or operate on behalf of your customers. Our primary customers are engineering consultants, architects, property administrators and asset managers. The end user will be boards in homeowner associations and cooperatives, property portfolio owners and property investors. The end users do not pay to access their property data. ejendom.com is an open system where our customers can invite their own customers in to see their property data. 

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