Avomind GmbH

Exhibitor Partner


Avomind was born in 2019 in the heart of Berlin, one of the largest startup hubs in Europe. Our team consists of highly motivated employees that come from the global professional industries. We have all worked with the most demanding private companies, fast-growing startups, management consulting firms, large corporations, as well as with the global leaders in education, marketing, and fashion. We understand very well the skill and attitude requirements of result-oriented organizations.

We have close relationships with leading universities around the world because we believe that achievements begin at the stage of human capital formation. We are convinced that successful leaders want to be surrounded by talented, motivated, and goal-oriented individuals who are ready to take on professional challenges in the best companies around the globe.

Our mission is to provide highly qualified candidates with impactful roles that will boost their professional growth.

We operate globally from our offices in Berlin, Valencia, Vienna, Shanghai, Jakarta, and New York, to fill a comprehensive range of jobs within the strategy, M&A, sales, analytics, and other diverse industries. 

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