Develop Executive Presence With 8 Effective Tips

Developing an executive presence will help you climb the top of the ladder. You don’t need to have gadgets, fancy suits, and watches or need to carry a briefcase. To develop an executive presence, it’s more than that. To develop an executive presence means that you have the comfort and confidence in your behavior.

People with a strong presence carry a blend of composure, maturity, and talent. It helps you make smart decisions and even inspires people around you. The way people live their day-to-day life, carry themselves, communicate with others, and present themselves in a basic scenario. All blend in to develop an executive presence. So, what do you need to have the trait of executive presence? By adopting the down-mentioned behaviors, you can climb to the top of the mountain.

8 effective tips that will help you develop a complete executive presence

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Look the part

Your appearance counts the most to develop an executive presence. How you look, dress, and style yourself – all that matters. But showing off your appearance doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a suit or a designer dress and a matching swag item. It would help if you look neat and organized, a simple work attire can work for you.

Knowledge is power

Cersei Lannister from the Game of Thrones may have let you believe that power is power, but in-reality knowledge is power. So, you need your knowledge game to be on top. You need to know all the happenings around you.

Develop Executive Presence

Talk the part

To develop an executive presence, you’ll have to filter out some words from your vocabulary. Words like umm, a bit, kind of, are called minimizers since they detract people from what they’re saying and show off the lack of confidence.

Body language Perfection

Your communication skills and daily correspondence with people matter a lot to develop an executive presence. Along with non-verbal communication skills, that is your body language, that plays its part as well. People can automatically form an opinion or impression on you by just looking at you.

Maintain your calm

Keeping cool is in the textbook to develop an executive presence. When you’re on top, there will be many stressful times and desperate times call for desperate measures. In that time, you can rely on your gut or emotion if you lose your calm, you fail. Keep your composure and of the people around you.

Be with the Top players

You have to be in the big leagues, and for that, you need to maintain your PR with the top players of your field. If you’re in need of that kind of exposure, the Virtual & In-Person Tech Jobs Fair is back again this year. Hundreds of companies will show up, ready to evolve you in the next phase, the next step of your life. You may get to jump ships to a better opportunity or may get to know some of the big players of your industry.

Know when to step back

Strong executive presence also needs to know when to do what. You need to know your limits. If there’s not enough respect and admiration for you, take the bold step.

Develop Executive Presence

Round out your professional skills

Your executive traits are not limited to your physical appearance and swagger. You also develop a set of skills from time to time. These professional skills go with you till the end. Make sure you make full use of these skills.

Final words

Authenticity is vital to developing an executive presence. Remember, you should much rather be hated for who you are than to be loved for someone you’re not. Exploit your skillset and maintain your composure. In this way, people will trust you and follow you.

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