6 Best Ways To Turn Rejected Candidates Into Brand Envoys

The process of recruitment is tough and tricky because there are times when there are multiple ideal candidates and there are times when there is no ideal candidate at all. Now all of that is subjective and relative but the thing that should be constant is that you treat your candidates with respect. To turn rejected candidates is no joke as it requires patience, respect, and appreciation.

Just like recruiters, job seekers are also under a lot of stress especially because their situations could be saddening too. As a recruiter, you must turn rejected candidates into successful employees for their future jobs.

To increase the morale of the job seekers, you must make the best out of the situation and turn rejected candidates into world-beaters. As long as you have candidates that are willing to adapt, you can always turn rejected candidates into the stars of the show.

Now you might be thinking that it’s not the job of the recruiter to turn those candidates into the stars. Well, you are wrong. It is the job of the recruiter to guide the candidates in a direction that could benefit all parties. Here are a few ways you can turn those candidates into fantastic employees for future setups.

Turn rejected candidates into successful employees

It’s time to rethink everything about rejecting candidates that do not completely fulfill your criteria. To turn candidates into successful employees is a win-win situation should you continue down this path. It’s wonderful how small gestures can change everything. Here are a few things you can do to turn candidates into people who will spread positivity about your brand.

  1. Give the bad news in a respectful manner

    One of the things that matter the most is to “reject” the candidates in a respectful way that doesn’t discourage them or break their hearts. The mode of communication to convey the news matters a lot too. There is no point in asking the job seeker to come to the office to reject them so it is preferred if you convey the news over the phone or an email.

    This way, you won’t be wasting anybody’s time. The selection of words is the second thing that is crucial to breaking or making an employee into a future brand ambassador. Choose respectful and polite words encouraging them to apply at further places.

  2. Connect with them on social media

    Connecting with candidates is very important. You can add them on social media and share valuable opportunities with them as a token of respect and value.

  3. Provide them with feedback and respect

    When you are rejecting them, you must tell them why they didn’t cut. Without proper feedback and reasoning, people can often keep wondering forever about what didn’t have to be the selected person. Tell them how they can improve things and how they were lacking.

  4. Provide them with something extra

    Gifts, invitation packages, and other tokens of appreciation are underrated. There’s a small number of people and brands who do this. Make sure you are one of those. Rejecting candidates is a tough task and it’s essential to provide them with a little token of appreciation for trusting you.

    The best ideas for something extra” includes a personal handwritten note, a small gift package including things such as a pen or notebook with a nice note written inside, or gift cards. Discounted gifts cards make for a great gift and are always appreciated. Additionally, you can even provide your feedback in the form of a gift. Get creative.

  5. Invite them to events

    Rejecting some candidates doesn’t mean you cannot keep connecting with them later on. One of the best things you can do is invite them to events even after you have not hired them. Some company events are public that you could invite them to.

    Alternatively, you can invite them to job fairs such as the Tech Jobs Fair that would not only increase their morale but also help in connecting with recruiters from other brands and organizations.


So, there you have the best possible ways that you can turn rejected candidates into future brand ambassadors. They will not only remember you in good words but will also spread the positive word around about your name.

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