8 Brilliant Tips To Succeed In Employee Referral Campaign

If you are looking for the best recruitment process that would bear the most fruit (the best candidates), you must deploy the employee referral campaigns. These campaigns can turn out to be vital to your recruiting future, whether you are an independent or freelance recruiter or an organizational recruiter.

An employee referral campaign is a strategy in which your current employees act as hunters for new candidates. They refer qualified and ideal job seekers for jobs by putting in a good word about the organization and telling them that there’s an opening for this position.

All of that works really well, but all the employee referral campaigns go dry after a while, and most recruiters move over this. To put some new life in these employee referral programs, we have gathered 8 tips to carry out effective employee referral campaigns.

8 brilliant tips to breathe new life into your employee referral campaign

Employee referral campaigns are effective. In fact, they are one of the most efficient ways you can find the best talent for your firm. Here are 8 ways you can use to fill life into your employee referral campaign. Click To Tweet

1. Explain job requirements clearly

No employee will know on their own what their companies are looking for. Not only the technical requirements, but there are also often things such as the culture of the workplace that some candidates would just not be suitable for.

Before sending off your employees to search for qualified candidates, ensure that they know the job requirements clearly. Provide proper job descriptions in emails to employees when asking for referrals. If the requirements are clear to your employees, they will be clear to the candidates as well. This is one of the most basic tips that make for a productive employee referral campaign.

2. Keep everyone involved updated

For every employee who is involved with your program, you must provide them with timely updates. Whether their candidate is being selected or processed, they must know about it because nobody likes working for nothing.

If the employees don’t hear back from the recruiters, it will become problematic for your employee referral campaign. The workers will be reluctant to make any contribution to the program. Ensure that you keep updating them regularly about the progress and keep the process transparent.

Tips To Succeed In Employee Referral Campaign

3. Appreciate the deserving ones

A lot of employees will participate in your employee referral campaign for rewards, but a lot will be there for appreciation and respect as well. Of course, you will provide your workers with financial rewards but nothing can replace the appreciation you give them in front of people and in private too. If somebody is working and producing stellar results, necessary praise should be on the way. Acknowledgment is vital for any effective employee referral campaign.

4. Incentives are the key

While appreciation and acknowledgment are necessary, no employee referral program can work without incentives. There are both monetary and non-monetary incentives. According to HCI researches, around 74 percent of organizations provide incentives for their referral programs.

These incentives are completed once the referred candidate is hired. There are often conditions as to when the full amount of the incentive will be paid to the referrer. Monetary incentives make for the perfect motivation for your employees to go out of their way to find the perfect candidate for you.

5. Make the referral process easy and simple

Let’s make it clear. Your employees are already busy with the work. If applying for the referral campaign is tricky, they will not do it. If you want your workers to participate in the employee referral campaign, you must make the process as easy as possible. Nobody likes a lot of rules.

A user-friendly referral process will go a long way in ensuring that your employee referral campaign is as effective as it gets. Potential candidates will find it easy to apply for jobs, and you will get more clicks. For these purposes, there are dedicated systems that are developed specifically for referral systems that will not only bring more candidates but also make the process transparent for the people involved.

6. Get creative with referral tactics

Now put everything we have told you above on one side and everything we are about to tell you on another side. In the modern world, creativity takes precedence over rules when it comes to effectiveness and efficiency mainly because of how fast the world is processing.

Introduce new things. Plan runtime ideas and put them into execution by deploying new technologies to make your program into an effective employee referral campaign.

You can ask your employees and recruiters to go up to job fairs such as the prestigious Tech Jobs Fair that went virtual this year. The Virtual TJF is one of the best places to hunt for ideal candidates that are looking for their dream job.

Tips To Succeed In Employee Referral Campaign

7. Create urgency

Creating urgency can bring impressive results. To create urgency, you can tell the referrers that you need a certain candidate within a certain time frame. This will not only make them work faster but also help you in your quest. You can add bonus rewards for people who work quicker.

8. Get more people involved

While this might be more of an extra suggestion, you can opt to involve people outside your organization. These people can be your clients, customers, or other people.


Now you know all you need to know about how to create the perfect employee referral campaign that will bring you lots of ideal candidates and will make your employees happy too since they will be benefiting from it as well.

Some of these tips are basics, but they are still not executed perfectly by employers. Spend a little extra time and make sure everything works perfectly before setting up an employee referral program. Use necessary software, get a little creative with your tactics, keep everything simple and ready, and get more people involved in your programs. Alongside your employees, you can also add your clients and non-workers into the program to increase your results.

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