Top 5 Tips For IT Professionals To Attend A Job Fair

It takes a lot of effort to stand out, especially in a positive way. It’s necessary to arrive prepared, ready to face the day, and aware of what it takes to stand out from the crowd when you’re crammed into a crowded auditorium and competing with several other job seekers for just a few minutes of a recruiter’s time.

Therefore, everything you require to succeed at the job fair is covered in our guide, from preparing for the event to making an excellent first impression to following up afterward. If you follow these five steps, you’ll soon be getting interviews.

Tips for job fair prior to the event

1. Find out who will be attending

Who will attend job fair

Prior to the event, look for or get a list of all the firms that will be there. Then, prioritize the ones you wish to contact first. By doing this, you can at least guarantee that your top selections have been met if you run out of time to see everyone.

A job fair is an excellent place to learn about organizations, but before attending, do some research on them. Having some background will enable you to ask deeper questions and get more accurate information.

Therefore, conduct some research on each firm on your priority list before you attend, and be ready to customize your discussions with each recruiter.

Tips for job fair on the day of the event

2. Be confident and don’t be shy

HR Team

Be confident, pleasant, and ready to communicate when you approach each table. Smile, make eye contact, and extend a quick, strong handshake to introduce yourself. The recruiter will frequently take the initiative and ask you questions, but you should also be prepared with your elevator pitch, a 30-second summary of what you want the employer to know about you. You should be able to clearly explain why you’re interested in the specific organization and how your talents or credentials are applicable to the position if you want to make the most of your time.

But at the same time, slow down! Job searchers frequently speak fast, which gives the impression that they are hurried or worried. Speaking should be done slowly and with interest.

3. Make sure they have your resume

Giving resume to the HR team

One of the biggest mistakes job candidates make is waiting until the conclusion of the meeting to provide the recruiter with their resume; by then, they may have been interrupted or moved on to another person. Instead, give the recruiter your CV while you talk about yourself, pointing out the locations where what you’re saying is supported.

This will help you stand out from the other faces at the table and direct her attention to your CV.

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4. Take notes and collect business cards

Collect business cards

After your conversation with a recruiter is over, step aside and take a minute to jot down any important points that were covered as well as any queries or concerns that were voiced. Some of this material should go in your thank-you letter, and the rest may come up in your next interview.

Tips for job fair after the Event

5. Continue to follow up

Follow up with HR Team

Send thank you emails to everyone you spoke with within 24 to 48 hours after the job fair, regardless of whether you are interested in the organization. Who knows, the recruiter at that dull software business you visit the next time may be a Google employee!

Send an email to everyone and a handwritten letter if you believe the recruiter would like it. Additionally, avoid using a template for your communications; although they might be brief, you should customize them for each employer and recruiter.

When you go to your next job fair, keep these three goals in mind: you want to network, learn more, and get an interview invitation.

It’s not always simple to stand out at a job fair, but if you show up organized and prepared, approach the tables with grace and practice, and follow up properly, you’ll already be in the lead.

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