Journey of Tech Jobs Fair in the Year 2021

Tech Jobs Fair started its debut edition in Berlin in 2017 with a great spotlight on the IT and Digital areas. TJF coordinates the best virtual job fairs where job seekers speak with the best scouts to secure the ideal position. It is a phenomenal stage for career go-getters that are searching for ways of giving their fantasy wings. In 2019, it established itself in three European commercial hubs: Zurich, Lisbon, and Vienna.

TJF has risen in leaps and bounds and has a core staff in Berlin that works on event-based engagements with local professionals in several places for job fairs. TJF aspires to be a vision where people gather to display their brands and enterprises, in addition to providing a high-quality platform for job searchers from significant corporations. Their event is accessible to all professionals interested in advancing their careers.

Covid-19 has evidently placed a wrench in the recruiting process for both job seekers and recruiters. It has spread through the world which made many job seekers move virtually to get themselves a good line of work.
Tech Jobs Fair has coordinated virtual job fairs in 12 nations where job seekers are given one-in-a-lifetime amazing chances to find or change jobs, gain from the best experts in the IT and Digital ventures, and interface with their peers.

Tech Jobs Fair Helping Professionals Across the Globe

Tech Jobs fair has written a post on “10 Ways to introduce yourself professionally and casually” to help job seekers prepare a beautiful introduction that explains who they are and what they want to achieve. Job seekers frequently find themselves in situations where they have to abruptly introduce themselves in professional or social events. To make a lasting impression on everyone, the Tech Jobs fair has given suggestions and strategies to effectively introduce yourself in any setting.

Even during the pandemic, in 2021, more than 150 top companies across the world exhibited and communicated with potential employees through Tech Jobs Fair.

Virtual booths were used by all exhibitors to host live seminars and video content. This was done so that job candidates can obtain a good idea of firms and their whole experience. Each exhibitor scored an average of more than 50 qualified leads. The participating companies experienced a significant return on investment as a result of this.

Exhibitor Partners of 2021

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Top-Class Media, community and University Partners

Tech Jobs Fair has partnered with more than 180 media, community, and university partners to give its visitors the best experience in the world.

Media, community and University Partners of 2021

Thousands of Attendees, Endless Opportunities

More than 30 thousand attendees participated in Tech Jobs Fair

Through the Tech Jobs Fair, more than 30 thousand job seekers were able to communicate with the job recruiters of leading companies. Job seekers were able to interact with recruiters from well-known companies, demonstrate their worth, and get high-level positions. TJF elevated digital employment and networking by developing a platform that allows nearly anyone to come and advertise their company.

Keynote Speakers Helped Many

Informative talks and discussions were held with keynote speakers

In the job fairs organized by Tech Jobs Fair numerous panel discussions, talks and presentations were held between various companies. The Keynote Speakers at Tech Jobs Fair shared their experiences with all guests and provided job seekers with relevant professional, technological, and innovative advice.

Keynote Speakers of2021

Here is a glimpse TJF 2021 events:

The Best Tech Event of The Year 2021!

Tech Jobs Fair has been named TECH EVENT OF THE YEAR 2021 at the German Business Awards 2021. TJF deserved and received this award because of the outstanding platform they have created via which recruiters and job seekers from small to large companies can both communicate and establish good business ties.

Journey of Tech Jobs Fair in the Year 2021

We presented more than 500 Companies, 300+ Media, Community & University Partners & 45k+ attendees across 12 countries. By using cutting-edge technology, they were able to pull off the best events even during COVID-19. The virtual job fairs organized by Tech Jobs Fair received this praise and appreciation since they removed key constraints such as the number of individuals who could be accommodated, the requirement of physical presence, and other expenditures associated with putting things together.

Thank You for All the Appreciation and Support!

Tech Jobs Fair is a dynamic and versatile fair where I created exciting connections to like minded professionals and curious people.
Marina Cantafio
Young techies from all around the world are asking me about tech jobs and I am so happy to invite them to the Tech Jobs Fair to connect with interesting tech companies and other techies to build their network.
Sina Landorff

Our Plan for 2022

Tech Jobs Fair has seen leaps and bounds of success in the year 2021. Our plan for 2022 is to conduct a combination of both physical and virtual events which is expanded to 15 countries namely Vienna, Canada, India, Israel, Denmark, Lisbon, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Berlin, Zurich, France, Ireland, Sweden, and the USA.

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