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Jamba – Career for All, a Viennese NGO whose mission is to support people with disabilities in their educational and employment journey in Information and Communication Technology and Artificial Intelligence field, is conducting an online survey.

The survey is part of Jamba’s research and innovation process, supported by FFG (The Austrian Research Promotion Agency), of discovering new ideas and developing an effective and accessible digital solution that will fill the gap between talents with disabilities and new emerging job fields. Our aim is to find out about the needs, backgrounds, and interests of people with disabilities in terms of professional development and explore their openness to develop themselves in the digital field, and dive into new types of jobs. At the same time, we want to raise awareness and provoke more employers to open their doors for talents with disabilities. By filling out this survey, companies help us understand their needs as well as what kind of talents are sought in companies, regarding ICT & AI areas.

Jamba’s vision is to furnish the community of people with disabilities and businesses with meaningful skills and create relevant placements in applicable ICT segments, including the AI sector so that through Jamba’s bridging function a mutually beneficial solution is reached for both sides. Also, Jamba’s concentration on the education part is also inspired by the increasing accessibility and popularity of distance education which, due to the pandemic situation, started transforming the teaching format, making it easier to participate anytime anywhere. Our project provides an important means to address various important Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which include persons with disabilities in several of their targets and indicators, including on full and productive employment and decent work.

If you are a company/organisation representative and you share our vision for an accessible future of work that belongs to all and you are willing to participate in our research, you are more than welcome! An online survey is available for company representatives in English here and German here. All survey responses are anonymous and secure and those who want to discuss it further can contact them on

This study is conducted with the support of our valuable partner – Tech Jobs Fair. TJF is more than a job fair. Our partner believes that tech transforms the way people work and their aim is to transform the way companies hire. Tech Jobs Fair Austria 21 connects corporates, startups with talents.

About Jamba

Jamba already implemented its first accessible online training on Data Collection & Annotation, in which they trained twelve candidates. Also, Jamba’s awareness campaign Wir Alle Können launched for International Day of People with Disabilities raised awareness to society and businesses by presenting the story of seven successful people with disabilities in various professional fields. This year we launched our first crowdfunding campaign where we gathered more than one hundred Agents of Change – supporters from different countries with various backgrounds from NGOs to the private sector or philanthropists.

Together with our partner, AIDA, Jamba organizes a series of monthly meet-ups called BrAInstorm Talks on the various topics about Artificial Intelligence and its impact on everyday life including education and employment.

Jamba is also the winner of the Zero Project Award 2021 on Employment and ICT and taking part in Zero Project-Impact Transfer, an accelerator program organized with Ashoka.


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