5 Easy Steps To Mission Statement

A mission statement is the bread and butter for any organization. The statement speaks about what the company stands for and what the company wants to establish. It’s an incredibly interactive thing that empowers your employees – something that makes your employees say “This is why we work here.”

While many small businesses do not take mission statements seriously, all the serious organizations do. To build trust, harmony, and a united goal in front of the world and within the company, an effective mission statement plays a massive part. It also speaks to the stakeholders and board members.

All in all, it is not just any statement consisting of a few lines that are bland, uninteresting, and not leading anywhere. Therefore, it is essential to crafting a mission statement that is worthy of what you would want your organization to be – the values, the integrity, and most importantly, the goals of the organization.

Whether you are an entrepreneur just stepping into the business world or an owner of a business already, you must realize the value of an on-the-money mission statement. Make your mission clear to the world. Anybody who looks your organization up should be able to know what you stand for.

What is a mission statement?

A mission statement is defined as “a formal summary of the company’s aims, goals, and values”. That being said, a mission statement can be much more or much less depending on how you take it to be.

Some of the vital things to consider when penning down a statement include the purpose of your business, how your business helps and empowers your employees, and how you care about your employees.

Five steps to writing a spot-on mission statement

Mission Statement

1. The magical questions

Writing a mission statement can be as easy or as difficult as you make it to be, but here are a few questions you can ask yourself to make it easier?

  1. What does your company do?
  2. How do you do it?
  3. What’s special about it?
  4. How does it help your employees?
  5. What value do you add?

A meaningful mission statement would answer all of these questions.

2. How you empower your employees

Your goals are half of your entire statement. Understanding and using the information about how you achieve your goals is crucial to whatever you are going to write down. Without the support of your employees, you cannot achieve whatever you have set out to achieve.

Your corporate culture will count a lot here, as a culture that would empower the employees is worth talking about.

3. Get creative

If you feel like your creativity could help your cause, feel free to play around. Sometimes, playing by the rules cannot bring the results that you can achieve on the contrary.

Mission Statement

When it comes to writing a mission statement, it can be a good idea to get a little imaginative – Write what you feel would be appropriate as long as it connects with your organization.

4. Optimism and strategy

While we always urge people to write optimistic mission statements for their organizations, we never ask them to get unrealistic. But that is one of the most popular complaints that mission statements can often get unrealistic and unachievable. In such a case, people will not care.

You must balance your optimism with realism and a great strategy.

5. Seek feedback from your employees

Employees are an integral part of any mission statement. They are, after all, the ones you are mainly writing for. When you write your statement, share it with your employees and see what they feel about it. Be open to suggestions and make any changes that you feel necessary.

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Mission Statement


A company mission statement speaks a lot about what the company stands for and how the company empowers the employees. Once you learn how to write a mission statement, you will be able to resonate with your employees and your clients more than ever.


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