6 Best tips for recruiters to onboard developers remotely

If you are about to hire remote developers or if you have done it before, you know how vital it is to get them on board and make it a seamless experience for everyone involved. To onboard developers remotely is key in today’s world to ensure that the new developers become as much a part of your organization as you would like them to. After all, if they feel like it’s somewhere they belong, they will work like that as well.

An onboarding process is essential when you are about to onboard developers remotely. Most experienced developers already know how it is to work remotely and how to get onboard. But it is still essential for the recruiters and organization to have an onboarding process that will incorporate the newcomers into your team completely.

To ensure you start properly with your new employees, here are six tips you can use to ensure everything goes as smooth as silk.

If you are about to hire remote developers or if you have done it before, you know how vital it is to get them onboard seamlessly, here are six tips for you. Click To Tweet

1.Create a checklist to onboard developers remotely

Because it’s not a one-off event to onboard developers remotely, a checklist is a great idea for the time right now and the time that is coming as well. If you are in charge of the onboarding process, you must create a checklist.

tips for recruiters to onboard developers remotely

This checklist will be key to the entire process as it can include things from day one to the entire first month of the developer. The vital things that must be in your checklist must be the following:

  1. Welcome the new developer properly
  2. Provide them with a laptop or a computer if needed
  3. Setup their systems
  4. Set up their accounts
  5. Inform them of all the necessary information such as working hours, conditions, coding standards, expectations, and the tools you are going to use

2.First days are vital, remote or not remote

The first days are important no matter what the employee’s location or how things are going to process afterward. New developers require you to get them onboard properly, and that is mostly done on the first day. To onboard developers remotely, you must have a clear plan for their first day.

There are certain advantages and technologies you can use to start their first day because it is remote.

Turn on your mic and share your screen

The first step to onboarding your new remote developer is to get to the business. Turn on your mic and share your screen. A great tip is to create a PowerPoint presentation about the company and what the company expects from its employees.

Guide them about the tools

Even if the developers are experienced, it’s critical to tell them about the tools that your organization uses and any other guidelines that they must know about. It will give them a clear idea of what they are supposed to use and how.

Onboard developers remotely

3. In case of any partners, introduce them

If the developer you just hired is pairing up with somebody, that’s the next step. You can start a video call, including yourself, the partner, and the new developer. To onboard developers remotely, is a vital step.

This does not need a partner either. It can be any other employee that can help them get started and keep up with them in case of any questions or queries. New developers will always need help, and in case you are not available, they must have somebody they can go to. This new buddy/partner can be the person they can go to when they need to know something about the company.

The partner can then take them on a virtual lunch or sit together and interact while working. It will help the new developers to get on board smoothly.

4. Team Onboarding

Although you can easily assign this responsibility to the partner, you can also do it yourself. Team onboarding is a key aspect to make sure that you can onboard developers remotely because it brings the entire team together.

Create an onboarding schedule with complete details for the entire team. Whether it’s one new remote developer that you have to onboard or multiple ones, you can create the schedule with the entire onboarding process listing that they are required to do the following tasks including interactions at the following time.

Organize a team lunch

Virtual team lunches are a thing too, yes. And they are effective too. They should be scheduled since different people have different eating schedules when it comes to remote workers. In the case of different locations, you must make it clear beforehand. Team lunches are a great way to onboard developers remotely.

5. Communication

The biggest challenge when it comes to remote working is smooth communication. An effective model of communication must be used to onboard developers remotely. How you communicate with your new employees speaks a lot about the tone you are going to set.

Make sure that the new employees know exactly what they are going to get in terms of conversations and interactions. Effective communication can set up a successful formula to onboard developers remotely. The right tools must be incorporated to ensure that there is no loss of communication.

Video calls, virtual working environments, and other new technologies can be used to ensure great communication to onboard developers remotely.

6. Tech Jobs Fair

If you are a recruiter looking for the best talent out there, check out the Virtual Tech Jobs Fair that brings together the best companies and the most talented job seekers.

Onboard developers remotely with Tech Jobs Fair


When it comes to the process to onboard developers remotely, there are no concrete or permanent rules that you can follow to create a guaranteed success. There are always new tools, technologies, or creative ideas that will outperform others. We encourage you to follow those alongside what we talked about in this article.

Different industries, fields, and organizations have varying cultures. To ensure that everything works smoothly and you can onboard developers remotely, you must create a remote onboarding process and follow it completely to make your new developers feel at home.

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