XPAI – The Experiene AI

Exhibitor Partner

  • Company Size: 700+ for Avantgarde and 20 for XPAI
  • Avantgarde Gesellschaft für Kommunikation mbH (XPAI is part of Avantgarde Group)
  • Founded: 1985 for Avantgarde & 2021 for XPAI
  • https://xpai.io

XPAI is changing the way we look at the offline world. We make offline experiences measurable and interpretable by data. Imagine a conference or a physical store, XPAI can tackle all with its unique sensor and deep learning algorithm. We developed AVAI One Sensor and XP Heartbeat to measure offline experiences such as events, hotels, offices, retail and more. We gather the data in terms of experience score, engagement, emotion and demographics.

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