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We all aspire to feel fulfilled, and balanced and to contribute our skills and passions and get paid our worth as we do so!
Our career takes up a large amount of our time and mind space and as such it owes to make us happy and thriving!

And that’s where I come in! Whether you are:
-just graduating and looking for a rock star kick start of your career
-looking to find a new role or step up in your company
-reconsidering your direction and options

I’ve got your back!

I have made it my mission to empower you to get into the driver’s seat of your career and develop career solutions tailored to your needs and dreams and your action plan to successfully get there!

Even better, my goal is to ensure you build long-term career assets and have fun as you do so!

No kidding – you can increase your market value as you job search!

Indeed, my approach focuses on completely reframing how we approach our careers and ensuring that you put yourself out there with a solid personal brand, a top-notch LinkedIn presence, and the tools and strategies to establish your professional authority, thought leadership, and visibility – and value!

Don’t take my word for it, reach out and see how I can support you!

Ashok Dudhat

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Get your Free TJF Ticket &
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