Acrontum GmbH

Exhibitor Partner

Acrontum GmbH is a modern web development and IT consulting company with its headquarters based in Munich, Germany. We are currently planning to open up a new office in Portugal.

Over the years, we have built up trust with our clients (especially in the automotive sector), large and small, to deliver bespoke applications with modern technologies; the current horizon being APIs delivered via NodeJS in micro-service architectures deployed in Kubernetes clusters (K8s), while keeping a weather eye on the technological edge with topics such as Design-to-Code solutions for the front-end. We give our agile & interdisciplinary squads a strong responsibility so that they own their “products” end-to-end.

Above all, we are a diverse, multi-cultural, hard-working, and team-centric company who thoroughly enjoy the technologies, people, and projects we work with.

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