Tech Jobs Fair – Budapest 2023: Connecting Talent, Empowering Innovation!

Tech Jobs Fair – Budapest 2023 was a huge success, attracting thousands of job seekers and dozens of companies looking to hire top talent in the tech industry. The event, held at Bálna – The Whale Budapest, Fővám tér 11-12 on 11th May, was a one-day event that featured several keynote speakers, panel discussions, and plenty of networking opportunities. This year marks Tech Jobs Fair – Budapest’s 2nd edition in Budapest and its 29th edition worldwide.

The Tech Jobs Fair – Budapest was a highly anticipated event for job seekers and employers in the tech industry. Among the many companies that participated in the fair were BOSCH Group, ABBYY, KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines, Richter Gedeon Nyrt., Tata Consultancy Services, ENTER, K2 Procurement Kft., Pro-Di GmbH, Bragg Gaming, Annata, Reed,, and Simonyi & Tóth Kft / S&T, and Helpers.

Budapest 2023 Exhibitors

These companies represent a diverse range of industries, from software development and data analytics to cloud computing and cybersecurity. Each company had its booth at the event, showcasing its latest products and services and had a team of recruiters on hand to meet with job seekers and discuss potential employment opportunities. As a result of their participation, the event was said to be an important resource for tech companies looking to hire the best talent.

The event featured an impressive lineup of keynote speakers, including Gergely Fábián, Roland Kasek, Tala Shalati, Szász Hilda, Barbara Varga-Baráth, Erica Schepers, Fadi Shadeh, Andrei Damsa, Zsófia Bartha, Volkert Paap, Márton Szuromi, Mariann Toth, Balazs Horvath, Evgenii Orlov, Petrovszki Daiama, Laszlo Szemelyi, Anna Molnár, Emese Fejes, Réka Bogdányi, Piroska Pataky, Balázs Komár, and Kitti Dobos who shared their insights and expertise on various topics related to the tech industry.

Budapest 2023 Exhibitors

Their talks covered everything from emerging technologies and software development trends to the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It gave attendees a unique opportunity to hear from these industry leaders and gain valuable insights into the latest technological developments.

IT Business, DIG-IT Podcast, CED Central European Economic Development Network Nonprofit Ltd., Mindiet, Association of Business Service Leaders in Hungary, IVSZ – ICT Association of Hungary, VISZ Hungarian CIO Associastion,
Archenerg Cluster, Eisberg, IKOSZ, MONYO Brewing Co., KÜRT Akadémia, Future-Now, ProptechZoom, Fusion Vital, Mensa HungarIQa Egyesület, Green Fox Academy, Share IT Lab, and Codecool Partners were among the media, community, university partners who took part in the event, adding to the event’s diversity and richness. Their involvement in the event contributed to its success and helped to make it a truly collaborative effort.

Tech Jobs Fair would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the attendees, exhibitors, media, community, university partners and keynote speakers who made this event a resounding success. Your presence and participation helped make the event a valuable and memorable experience for everyone involved.

We hope that the connections made and knowledge gained will lead to many fruitful collaborations and opportunities in the future. Thank you again for your support and contribution to the tech community.

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